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Zachary Brennan BS, MS, CPT

Body Composition
Biomechanics & Execution
Return from Injury/Post Therapy

Perform Now was founded by fitness and performance professional, Zachary Brennan. Equipped with both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The University of Tampa, Zak brings his 6+ years of training individuals and teams to allow his knowledge to be adapted to a growing range of clientele.

  • B.S. Human Performance: Exercise Physiology

  • M.S. Exercise and Nutrition Sciences




Deisy Sanabria Velasquez CPT, CNS*

Circuit Training

Hello! My name is Deisy. I’m an ISSA certified personal trainer and nutrition specialist.

I specialize in:

HIIT (High intensity interval training). it’s a training technique in which you give it all-out, 100% effort through quick, intense bursts of exercise, followed by short, sometimes active, recovery periods. This type of training gets and keeps your heart rate up and burns more fat in less time.

Weight Training. Strength training is an important part of an overall fitness program. It isn't just about vanity. It can help control weight, stop bone loss, improve balance, and boost energy levels. Strength training is a key component of overall health and fitness for everyone.

Circuit Training. Circuit training is an excellent way to simultaneously improve mobility, strength and stamina. An exercise "circuit" is one completion of all prescribed exercises in the program.

I’ve been working with people of all ages for the last past 2 years, helping them reach their goals but also guiding and educating them on how to make their health THE number one priority because at the end of the day that’s all that really matters!

I’ve had an active life since I was a teenager. I love to get creative with anything around me, so there’s really no excuses! we can have an awesome and effective workout ANYWHERE! There’s not better feeling than seeing my clients enjoying the journey that comes with it and becoming their better selves.

If you want to push yourself, love new challenges, want to go the extra mile, get the work done and need someone to guide you . Hey! I’m right here and I’m couldn’t be happier to start this health and fitness journey with you!


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