My Advice To You On Nutrition


We are all about the food!


Nutrition is a big part of a fitness journey, in fact it should be one of your top priorities in your life if you want to lose/gain weight or simply live a long HEALTHIER LIFE!

There’s a lot about nutrition out there but sadly not everything is true. I grew up in a place and environment where all my meals where home cooked from scratch and ingredients most likely where bought at the local farmers market around my town and I say this because it’s VERY DIFFERENT for me now that I am living in NY a lot if people use canned food or frozen meals. ( Not saying everyone) However, that hasn’t been a reason for me to change my nutrition but I will say it’s not the same as what it used to be.


I see people on the daily basis that talk about this diet and the other one and how it hasn’t work for them or just worked for a little period of time and they gain the weight back up again and probably even more but they’re still willing to go and try another diet!!! why would you keep on doing something that is not giving you the results you want? And I know sometimes we’re ignorant about this topic and that’s why I want to share my knowledge with you.

I’ll probably don’t have all the answers to every single question you might have but I’m confident and understand how to have a strong foundation and how to work with the basics of nutrition (which is hard for most of us ) in order to achieve your goals

Food should be something you enjoy and feel good about it when you have it. Not something to feel guilty about and restrict.


My best advice to you is to start making little changes in your daily diet that can help you over time. Adopting healthy eating habits everyday will give you results that last a life time! And if you ever crave a foods like 🍕 🍨  🍩  🍪 GO AHEAD AND HAVE IT! everything in moderation is okay. I promise you it won’t be the end of the world.

Start with:

•Drinking water through the day 

•Eat 4 servings of veggies & fruits daily

•Eat protein in every meal

Once you master this 3 things you can move on to start tracking your food, eat based on a calorie deficit and much moreee !!! 

Deisy Sanabria Velasquez