Healthy Habits Parents Should Teach Their Kids


My daughter is my EVERYTHING and couldn’t think about anything else but being a good sample for her!


Your kids are always watching and listening everything you do or say. Soo it’s really important to teach them what you believe in but also show them with actions!

As parent you pass more than genes down to your children. They pick up you’re habits too, both good and bad

Show them you care about them by sharing all your good habits ( or start adopting new healthy habits with them too! )

Things I like to teach Mariana are:

Colorful eating

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Mariana used to have her greens way more often before than now and I think this is happening because now that she started going to Pre Kindergarten I'm not there to make it fun for her to eat. Instead she just get served a plate with food but not fun…so I have to start working a little more on that in a different way that she can understand even if mommy its not there to make it fun is important to have the green food.

Help your kids understand the nutritional value of including a rainbow of colorful foods in their regular diet.

That doesn’t mean that every meal needs to be multicolored. But you should make an effort to incorporate a range of fruits and vegetables of different hues into their diet. Let the colors range from red, blue, and orange, to yellow, green, and white.

Eat a powerful breakfast

Protein Pancakes and Berries

Protein Pancakes and Berries

I try to always have breakfast with her. This morning we had boiled eggs, avocado slices with hot chocolate ( that’s one of her favorite breakfast )

Instilling a routine of regular mealtimes in childhood can help make it more likely that your kids will continue this good habit when they’re older. Teach them that a healthy breakfast will:

  • kick starts their brain and energy

  • helps keep them strong

Pick an enjoyable physical activity

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We tried dance for a few months but she ended up liking gymnastics way more so we are sticking with that now.

I see a lot more confidence in herself after a few classes and she absolutely loves it plus is a great way to re enforce her social skills!

I also bring her with me to the gym that way she knows mommy also likes to be active and supports her in staying active.

Not every child loves sports. Some may dread gym class. But if they see you being active and find physical activities they enjoy, staying healthy and active becomes easy.

They may very likely carry their love of these activities into adulthood.

Don’t be a couch potato


This one has been a little difficult. I’m not gonna lie, currently trying to timed her screen time on the phone/tablet/TV and involve more activities like coloring, writing or play with her toys and also because i spend quite some time on the couch working on my laptop.

Get kids, and yourself, off the sofa and out the door. kids who watch more than an hour or two of television a day are at greater risk for a number of health problems, including:

  • impaired performance at school

  • behavioral difficulties, including emotional and social problems and attention disorders

  • obesity or being overweight

  • irregular sleep, including trouble falling asleep and resisting bedtime

  • less time to play


She absolutely loooveeesss books! So once in a while me and zak read to her. She also likes to pretend reading and makes up her own stories or lately practice spelling every word.

Developing strong reading skills is an essential component of your child’s success in school now, and at work later in life. According to Cleveland Clinic reading helps build a child’s self-esteem, relationships with parents and others, and success in later life.

It’s recommended you make reading a part of your child’s playtime and bedtime routines.

The Cleveland Clinic also suggests that daily reading to children can begin as early as 6 months of age.

Choose books your kids like so that they view reading as a treat rather than a chore.

Drink water not soda

We do this every morning on the way to school. I explain to her why is so important and have her drink a few oz before I drop her off. Also I remind her everyday to have a sip.

She understands that Soda has a lot of sugar that won’t aport anything simnifically good to her body but that is okay to have it sometimes if she’s craving it.

Even if your kids don’t understand all of the reasons why too much sugar is bad for them, you can help them understand the basics.

Look at labels and not beautiful designs

Show kids how their favorite packaged foods contain labels with vital information about nutrition.

This one I started introducing lately so she still don’t understand it very well but knows what the important nutrients are which are protein, carbs and fats! #StayBasic

Enjoy family and friend time

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Spending time with family and playing with friends teaches kids valuable social skills such as communication, cooperation, problem solving. I’m happy to say Mariana is very social she’ll play with a little baby or talk to a grownup! Also enjoys spending time with family.

If you have a hectic family this might be a little hard to coordinate but it would definitely be worth a try!

Stay positive


Kids can get really discouraged when things don’t go their way. Mariana gets very upset when that happens I explain to her that being upset it’s not gonna make things better and that she should stay positive and try again, at the end we find a solution and everyone is happy.

Setting up a positive mindset teaches them they are capable, lovable and unique not matter what challenges they have to go through.