Legs: Quads & Hamstrings


If you’re looking for the next Jen Selter bouncing half squat booty burner please click back or exit on your screen.

Let’s talk shop about what I believe are some “key” movements in developing a balanced “lower body look” we will cover some glute focused workouts another day but this covers just pretty much about everything else you need on leg day.

BB Squat 4-5 sets of 6-8 (2sec pause)

Take your first two sets to understand how low you will be going and make sure to consciously contract and understand where tension starts and stops. Wedges or placing your heels on plates is always something I like having people do

Hack Squat 4-5 sets 8-10 (4sec on the way down)

The first two sets just like the squat should be lighter in weight and spent making sure everything is contracting, going at a slow pace through the movement. Make sure you feet stay planted on the machine and your back and hips stay on the pad. You want your calf to be “covering” or near touching the back of your leg to gain the maximal amount of knee bend possible without your feet or heels moving. Think about consciously pushing the platform away and don’t sped too much time at the top pausing. Just keep working

4 sets of Lying Leg Curl/Nordic Hamstring Curl

Our first superset features two brutal exercises that when performed with some great excuetion are great tools. Lying leg curl make sure to check out my post going over the proper “form” but ensuring your thighs are constantly driving through the seat and you are not swinging or launching the pad. For Nordic hamstring curls definitely checkout @bretcontreras1 for some great execution. Constantly think about the top of your leg bone falling forward and keeping your pelvis locked in stone.

*A rule of thumb I use for choosing reps is whatever reps you get on the lying leg curl, then do half of that number on the Nordic hamstring curl (Ex. 8 on the lying leg curl, do 4 Nordic hamstring Curls)

4 sets of Seated Hamstring Curl/ Bodyweight Walking Lunge

And for the grand finale, getting a long and painful stretch on the seated hamstring curl machine. From these walking lunges with about having constant tension, all of the movement occurs from the FRONT LEG, keep your toes spread and evenly push through your entire foot.

*About 8 reps for the Seated Hamstring Curl and go for AT LEAST 45 seconds of walking lunges

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