The Basics of Exercise.

“But I don’t know how many days I need to workout?”

If you’re a beginner, a good place to start is 3-4 days per week focusing on mostly full body programming and developing a sense of what areas/muscle groups/muscles are your “weaker” areas and base those 3-4 days around your weaknesses

“Should I keep doing the same program or do I switch workouts?”

Obviously the answer is entirely based on the individual, but every 4-6 weeks switching phases is a pretty good place to start

”What are some good exercises?”

The aspects you must consider about each exercise are:

1️⃣ Is It Pain-Free

2️⃣ Ability To Perform It

3️⃣ Capacity To Continuously Perform


“What if I don’t do the exercises perfectly right?”

If “proper” form is your concern and you are untrained or just a beginner, look to get some professional help. I’ve had personal trainers and speed coaches since I was 14, if you really don’t know- just ask. Look here people, nearly 99.9% of the people in the gym aren’t doing it “perfectly” and about 100% of those people are just as self conscious as you are. IT’S WHY MOST PEOPLE WORKOUT IN THE FIRST PLACE. Just go out there and do what you can and move from there.

“So what if I just do all of the machines?”

If you keep “doing the machines” in more cases than not you are going to plateau. Of course that equipment can and will produce SOME results. There has to be variance somewhere, when you’ve been doing something for awhile and don’t improve, it’s simple. Do something different!

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