What Our Gut Is Telling Us

If you find yourself breaking out or having “bags” under your eyes after eating something, that’s definitely your body saying we don’t like that food in us. Here’s us telling you

Seeing what your body responds well and poor to is the main focus of this post. I am not a doctor and I have no training in such areas but what I do have is some experience and knowledge in how the aspects may affect your gastrointestinal tract and even have widespread full body effects:

  1. Alcohol 

    Don’t be silly of course this toxin is going to have negative effects on the integrity of your stomach lining. If that becomes compromised our ability to absorb nutrients becomes diminished, not to mention telling our cells not to hydrate appropriately (Hint: Hydration will be on this list)

  2. Sleep

    If you get 5 or less hours of sleep, you are 100% going to be negatively affected by a lack of recovery and repair. If you have not “flushed” and replenished lymph fluid (the stuff our entire body floats in) you’re not gonna be able to absorb new nutrients  

  3. Hydration

    Told yah we’d see this again. Hydration is so important in gut health and overall health because it will determine how almost every cell functions. Don’t believe me, what happens when you’re in the water too long? You got pruney hands? That’s your cells hyper hydrated with water and you’re seeing extreme swelling of those skin cells. 

  4. Making sure you’re recovering from workouts/daily movement

    If you’re not recovering form your daily movement, your body is wasting energy, sources and ability to replenish on that. Rather than adapting and repairing

  5. Whatever you’re putting in your mouth and ends up in your stomach better sit well with you, a great place to start is eating 2x the amount of vegetables that you do animal protein. They’ll reduce the amount of “acidity” in your stomach, if you can’t figure out vegetables are good for you and you’re adult. I’m sorry I can’t help you

  6. Decreasing whole body inflammation by doing points 1 through 5 right and making sure you’re getting vitamins/minerals appropriately.

  7. Most important, decreasing mental stress

    Most of these things we just discussed will and are affected by how you think. Remember that thing called brain is gonna call the shots, you gotta make sure the environment has to work within is optimal.

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