#302: You Have The Power

You're powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave.

You're powerful, beautiful, brilliant and brave.

This is me when I was turning 19.

At this point in my life I wasn’t completely sure what I wanted to do for living. I tried to be a model, I almost got into the Army, I was currently working in McDonald’s, I even thought to build myself up and get a franchise but then I was like “That’s stupid, I don’t even like this food and don’t think is good for people”, people tried to get me into becoming a nurse but I just didn't think that was thing, being a babysitter, etc..

I lost some money trying to do all this different things and probably my time and I say probably because I did learn and took all the good things out of everything I did in the past.


I knew I liked architecture and one day my brother came in and handed me a flyer he got from school about an architectural drafting school, I was like okay, let’s give this a try. I went to school THEN found out I was pregnant but I still went to school and had two jobs, oh and did I mention I didn’t have a car ? Well, this is when life taught me how to be strong, dedicated and aggressively hard-worker. I got around problems and NOTHING was impossible for me, I graduated as an Architectural and Mechanical Drafter and Designer, I got a job. I went through hard and good times and then realized architecture didn’t make me feel entirely happy. The one thing I always was passionate about and preach and still do is health and fitness. I was up at 5:00 am reading and studying to become a personal trainer, after my office job I would go to the gym to workout and practice different movements I didn’t know about, go home be a mom, and study until 1 am, 2 am. Yes! I slept probably 2-3 hours and somedays I didn’t even went to bed I put all my effort into it and I passed the exam!! I still read and learn one thing everyday about fitness and health to make myself better for me and my clients. I quit my job after I had a few clients at that time and focused on personal training. I was happy finally doing something I really love and enjoy doing all the time although money wasn’t enough to pay the bills and raise my daughter and myself so I came back to architecture and decided to be a part time trainer.

I'm currently working towards freedom aka ditching my 9-5 grind, and the rest of the time I’m coaching, working out, reading and writing about fitness and health and off course living life.


All I really want you to take out of this Blog is that if you're not where you want to be, not matter in what situation you’re in right now, know that is temporary and that you have the power to change it. Be clear on where you want to go, write it down,  have a plan, execute and work smart. Anything is possible and I believe you can achieve anything if you take little steps toward your dream/goal(s) one day you’ll wake up and without even noticing you’ll be standing where you want to be. See all the opportunities when others see impossibility. Take risks. Be focused and hustle. Create, learn, grow and do something that can take you closer to your goal, it’s never too late !

I’m sitting right now in a better place than I was before. Leaving something that I worked hard for and that one day was my dream. I literally wrote down in a piece of paper “ I want to have two jobs and be happy “ and that’s exactly my life right now but with time goals change and that’s okay. Dream big and don’t let any small mind convince you that your dreams are to big. Always remember you have within you the patience, the strength and the passion to reach what you want.

The fact that I’m not sitting where I want to be is enough motivation for me to keep working and looking for something I can do better everyday to take me there.


Good things take time. Believe in yourself a little more, enjoy and trust the process and tell your mind that you have everything to get there!