Our Services



At-Home Training

We provide a top level training experience for those individuals who do not have a gym membership and/or possess their own equipment.

Our most popular service would be our private or 1-on-1 sessions, this allows the greatest amount of attention towards you and your goal.

If you’re looking to achieve your goals with someone else our coaches do also offer partner sessions, where you and a friend/family/coworker/etc. can experience a premium training experience with a trained professional.

Our session rate includes the private or partner 60 minute session, weekly workout planning, nutritional guidance/calculations AND weekly check ins.


Remote Coaching

Through the use of video-calls and other online services, our coaches can provide programming and guidance for groups or independent individuals. Along with weekly or monthly programming, this service also includes one (1) 30 minute remote coaching call every month. This helps us to ensure you have a full understanding of what is expected and ultimately the success of your program.

Our second service is an Online Consultation, which is a 1-on-1 live video call provided through TaskHuman.com. Whether looking to organize your exercise and nutrition programs or even have a "virtual" training session where we can analyze and optimize your form and execution on a variety of exercises.

*They provide a complimentary 7 minute Discovery Call for those interested in learning more. Click the button below to see what exactly a Discovery Call is.


Team/Group Training

Our diverse background in working with large groups such as youth to high school football teams, entire competitive dance teams, and many others provides us the tools to coach groups of 3-50 people or even more.

Our small group training is 3-12 people with one of our coaches for 60 minutes.

Our large team training consists of 15-50 people WITH BOTH OF OUR COACHES for 60 minutes.