Dance Performance… is a rather complex phenomenon made up of many elements that direct and indirect effect on outcome
— Kourtedakis & Jamurtas 2004

What is Fitness For Dancers?

A competition dance team class provided but the amazing Lori’s Dance Center on Long Island that centers its aim around educating dancers on health, fitness, and performance. This hour long class taught by Mr. Zak Brennan is designed as a college level strength and conditioning program that educates and prepares athletes from 9-17 years of age for the rigorous physical demands of competitive dance.

ALL of the workouts take place in the dance studio, the only equipment that’s required to perform these programs are:

  • Yoga Blocks

  • Mats

  • Mini-Bands

  • Sliders (We use paper plates)

  • Ankle Weights


Below you can find and download the workout sheets and notes that are used for each class session.