3 FAQ’s On A 7 Minute Discovery Call


There is plenty we can answer and accomplish on a 7 minute Discovery Call. We might be able to answer every detail and check every box in that time frame but we can sure set is up for success.

With a wide range of health, fitness and nutrition questions we have narrowed down 3 really popular and important topics:

“I’m stuck in a plateau and don’t know how to progress any further. What should I do?”

Some of the hardest working people will find themselves in this situation. It can be difficult to objectively evaluate your own programming, nutrition and etc. Having someone who’s highly experienced and worked with over 100’s of individuals in my career, can be an essential tool. Even coaches need coaches, it’s so common that people think the best of best do it on their own and most of the time that’s false.

Understanding the principles behind your strategies and the ultimate goal will be key components in creating a solution.

“I’m an avid runner and I’m currently looking to add resistance training into my regiment, how should I go about it?”

Such a commonly asked question, you have no idea. Like many answers it all depends on your goal, whether decreasing the risk of injury, progressing towards a certain time goal and many other factors. Each person’s situation will require insight into their training regiment, their nutrition, their sleep, and competition schedule.

Programming the proper effective dose without interfering with mile progression or fatigue is generally the toughest obstacle one can face. Being able to confidently apply appropriate strategies and exercises is something I have been successful with for the last few years.

“I’m trying to lose weight, what diet should I start?”

Maybe we’re paraphrasing this one but usually this is how the question ends up being asked. There are so many different diets, tips, tricks and hacks and it can be overwhelming to navigate. The answer is, whatever you can adhere best to and make sure it matches your exercise/activity demands. A caloric deficit is essential, outside of that it all depends on the individual, their typical lifestyle and other health related needs.

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