Chest, Delts and Triceps

Workout Notes

This particular workout focuses mainly on the “upper” division of the pecs and also places an effective protocol on the medial deltoids for maximal fiber recruitment. Finishing up with a cable tricep ext and push up pairing is a great way to get some descent metabolic work in at the end of your workout.

Sets and Reps

This workout is written with only one (1) warm up set per exercise and the other 2-3 sets are full out working sets. It should be noted, adding an additional 1 maybe 2 extra warm up sets could be appropriate. Remember don’t fall into the trap of tiring yourself out doing an unspecific warm up rep range and speed. Practice contracting but at slightly lower intensities.


How many seconds that should be spent during each contraction “phase” for lack of a bette term. The sequence is as follows:


a: eccentric

b: eccentric “isometric”

c: concentric

d: concentric “isometric”


I perform these generally as a standing exercise not using handles and rather grabbing onto the cable itself.

I would recommend lining up the cables around wrist height so the load significantly drops off as you get into a more short position.

Make sure to direct your arm path in line with the fibers of the clavicular pec division so thinking upper arm into your collar bone.


The individual anatomy and structure of each person will dictate the appropriate incline height to target the upper pecs.

Remember to keep the the wrist just above the elbow to maintain constant tension. Again the best pec verbal cue is driving the upper arm into the pec across the rib cage.


These have been placed before the Y-Raise to help potentiate the recruitment of the medial Delt fibers to then be used to fully shorten during the following exercise, the y-raise.

Focus on the lowering and control of momentum at the eccentric with a moderately difficult weight that does not negatively impact execution.


A definite weakness of mine and why I personally enjoy programming them. These can be performed standing or for more stability you can use a bench for chest support.

Imagine driving your hands out and then work squeeze your upper arm up.


Whether you have access to the amazing Prime Fitness short or long bar attachment or simply have a dual cable cable tower this exercise allows for a great individual variation.

With the dual cable variation, make sure the cables are aligned with your arm and elbow.


Any Push Up Variation will be effective for this program. If it is a weak point for you then using an incline or means of assistance could be a great option for building your capacity for this movement.

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