Top Apps for Personal Trainers

 ▶️ Just starting out as a personal trainer and looking for way to optimize your training through the power of a simple phone app⁉️

👍🏻 We got you covered here’s a few that we love and still use today

1️⃣ Cronometer it’s a simple and efficient way of having any level client begin tracking their food if they haven’t started already. It’s an awesome tool for you to create a sense of accountability, awareness and overall retention

2️⃣ Trainerize/My PTHUB/MindBody this one is new for us, we have loved it so far. These are an amazing tool that allows you to build workouts and plans that are directly set up for your clients and many features to monitor update almost any workout for any client goal

3️⃣ NOTES you can use whatever “standard” app comes with your phone or give a quick search to some other available ones. A great way to organize all of the thoughts, ideas, photos, tasks and other information a trainer is responsible for in a day can be overwhelming so use an app that can minimize your need to keep old crumbled pieces of paper

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