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At-Home Training

We provide a top level training experience for those individuals who do not have a gym membership and/or possess their own equipment.

Our most popular service would be our private or 1-on-1 sessions, this allows the greatest amount of attention towards you and your goal.

If you’re looking to achieve your goals with someone else our coaches do also offer partner sessions, where you and a friend/family/coworker/etc. can experience a premium training experience with a trained professional.

Our session rate includes the private or partner 60 minute session, weekly workout planning, nutritional guidance/calculations AND weekly check ins.


Remote Coaching

Through the use of video-calls and other online services, our coaches can provide programming and guidance for groups or independent individuals. Along with weekly or monthly programming, this service also includes one (1) 30 minute remote coaching call every month. This helps us to ensure you have a full understanding of what is expected and ultimately the success of your program.

Our second service is an Online Consultation, which is a 1-on-1 live video call with one of our coaches. Whether looking to organize your exercise and nutrition programs or even have a "virtual" training session where we can analyze and optimize your form and execution on a variety of exercises.

*We provide a complimentary 15 minute Discovery and Coaching Call for those interested in learning more. Click the button below to see what exactly a Discovery and Coaching Call is.


Team/Group Training

Our diverse background in working with large groups such as youth to high school football teams, entire competitive dance teams, and many others provides us the tools to coach groups of 3-50 people or even more.

Our small group training is 3-12 people with one of our coaches for 60 minutes.

Our large team training consists of 15-50 people WITH BOTH OF OUR COACHES for 60 minutes.

World-class Trainers



About Us

It’s simple really. We aim to educate individuals on the variables they need to perform now.

Everyone has varying abilities, strengths and capacities for certain training and nutrition variables. Identifying key areas of inefficiency to construct and develop training blocks according to the individual’s goal(s).

Adherence to any plan in any scenario is crucial to the success of that plan. We believe that not only starting your journey now but creating a system for each person that is meant to be a foundational structure that can be repeated.

We believe being able to provide people with valuable content provides everyone the chance to learn how to better themselves. Here are the main topics we place the greatest emphasis on:


Fitness and Performance Education

We offer detailed articles and videos on the proper set-up and form for popular exercises, sports performance based programming, evidence based reviews for common supplements and therapeutic modalities and more. These articles can accessed by visiting our article section here.


Women’s Health & Wellness

At Perform Now our goal to help inspire and motivate women everywhere is headed by our amazing Coach Deisy. With women making up a large portion of our clients over the last 6 years we aim to provide resources for women to learn and discuss topics like health, pregnancy and motherhood. 

Visit our Women-based blog #FINDINGHERFIT here.



Understanding what and how much to eat can be an overwhelming process for many. In addition to our online consultation, our coaches have collaborated to write an entire outline of nutrition basics and even weight loss articles which can be accessed here.

FREE 15 min Discovery & Coaching Call



Train with us at HOME.

As we lock down a new location to provide our services from, we are now providing at home training services. Our coaches come to you to provide a top level training experience that focuses on maximizing the use of the equipment you have available.

What Is Our Location?

Our Location is

Wintermere Pointe Dr
Winter Garden, FL, 34787


How Far We Travel

You can view our location from the map above or using Wintermere Pointe Dr, Winter Garden, FL, 34787 and currently travel up to 35 minutes from this location.

If you are not sure whether or not your address is inside our travel zone, please fill out and submit the form here and one of our coaches will respond within 24 hours of your request.

If you’re looking for remote 1-on-1 coaching then please view our remote coaching services.

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