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the time is now.


what is perform now?

Perform Now. The HUB for all things performance.

Perform Now is an online education hub that provides a collaboration of all things performance. Bringing together experts and resources from fitness, exercise and nutritional backgrounds to provide any individual the ability to succeed. Now.

what we do

It’s simple really. We aim to educate individuals on the variables they need to perform now.

Everyone has varying abilities, strengths and capacities for certain training and nutrition variables. Identifying key areas of inefficiency to construct and develop training blocks according to the individual’s goal(s).

Adherence to any plan in any scenario is crucial to the success of that plan. We believe that not only starting your journey now but creating a system for each person that is meant to be a foundational structure that can be repeated.


Whether currently dealing with pain, an injury, or anything inhibiting you from daily activities, our foundational approach to performance and fitness is tailored to build confidence and strength with every individual we work with.

Physique/Body Composition

From gaining 25 pounds of muscle to losing 50 pounds, we’ve been honored to be apart of people’s life changing journeys. Let us help you gain control of your appearance and your overall health in the process.

Human Performance

From little league athletes to successful preparation for military/government/PD/FD physical examinations, we’ve programmed and coached individuals to optimal performance.


founder | zachary brennan

Perform Now was founded by fitness and performance professional, Zachary Brennan. Equipped with both his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from The University of Tampa, Zak brings his 6+ years of training individuals and teams to allow his knowledge to be adapted to a growing range of clientele.


president | deisy sanabria-velasquez

“Women’s health could mean many things to people. But if I had to put a definition for it, I’d say it’s about empowerment; physical strength, intellectual and emotional strength.

I’m excited to share everything I know and have learned from studying, reading and experience about health and fitness, becoming a mom and an empowered woman.

I’m a mom of an amazing and smart 4 year old girl. It has been an amazing journey for me, I’ve learned how to be strong from the inside out and to make every situation a positive impact in my life. Ever since I remember I’ve tried to be better physically and mentally, by having an active and healthy lifestyle. The most important thing that have bring me to where I am now it’s truly believing in myself and knowing the power of every decision I make.

I want to be a part of your journey becoming your best self as a woman and mother (or future mother one day) by sharing my personal experience and knowledge as a certified personal trainer and mom by the hand of my amazing partner and favorite person on earth Zak Brennan, he has been the biggest inspiration, incomparable help and great support through my personal trainer career and I’m 1000% sure we make the dream team to help you reach and stick to a healthier life style.”


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Looking for some knowledge and guidance and making the best nutritional choices to optimize your health.

  • Understanding Macronutrient Breakdown & Counting

  • Keto Grocery List

  • Calculating Macronutrients

  • Calculating Calorie Intake

  • Estimating Water Intake

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“Three months in and I am 22lbs down. Never did I think I would be able to do it. He pushed me then and continues to push me and show me I am capable of accomplishing my goals..”

Bianca Carey lost 28lbs

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Coming Soon.

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