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Work with personal trainer Zak Brennan 1-on-1 at the immaculate 17,000 sq ft private trainer only gym, Self Made Training Facility in Casselberry, FL
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Personal Training should be just that, personal and here are just a few things Zak offers to bring that experience to the next level
8+ Years of Experience
In addition to Zak's Bachelor's and Master's degrees, he brings his 8+ years of personal training so you can learn how to correctly perform the right exercises
Private Facility
The extraordinary 17,000 sq ft Self Made Training Facility is a trainer only gym that provides the cleanliest and most well equipped space in Orlando, FL
Nutrition Guidance
Providing recommendations and weekly support to help you towards your goal by creating sustainable nutritional habits
App Access
Full access to our app where we track all workouts, body statistics/metrics, progress photos and goals
Continued Education
We frequently upgrade our knowledge through courses, workshops and seminars in order to provide the best and current knowledge to all of our clients
Alex Duque
In Person Client
Mr. Zak is a fantastic trainer. He makes sure to tailor workouts according to my fitness goals, super personable and very knowledgeable, explains the benefits of the exercises we're doing, and consistently shows me new exercises. He broke down each exercise and explained the muscles it impacted. He's a good, personable dude who cares about doing a great job.
Zach Jones
In Person Client
Zak is extremely professional and well-versed in fitness and with his help and expertise I am definitely going to be able to achieve my goals and surpass my limits.
Jen Jordan
In Person Client
After my 3rd baby, nearly 15yrs sitting at a desk, and closing in on 40 I was finding energy scarce and my metabolism fading. I knew it would only get harder to lose the baby weight and get where I wanted to be, so I enlisted Zak to help me shed the pounds and tone up. Zak has been fantastic about accommodating my schedule, customizing my fitness program based on my goals and limitations (previous knee injury), and recording everything so that I don't have to remember the details. I've seen my extra lbs steadily shedding away and my troublesome areas becoming more toned. I'm happy with my results so far and am looking forward to continuing down this path. If you're looking for someone who is truly professional yet fun to train with, someone who can tell you the specifics and science behind every exercise you're doing, and someone who will give your guidance while away from the gym - Zak is your man. 100% recommend!
Casey Tallarico
Owner of Lori's Dance Center & Former Client
I began my fitness journey with Zak in 2017! Throughout the past 3 years, Zak has proved himself to be an amazing coach and trainer that exudes professionalism and dedication with every work out. As a dancer, I have multiple injuries from my athletic training. Zak has extensive knowledge on targeting these injuries and providing safe ways that promote healing and develop strength to the weakened areas. He truly cares about his clients and provides them with a personalized fitness experience that definitely yields results. If you are looking for a truly comprehensive fitness experience, I highly recommend Zak's services.
Bianca Carey
Former Client
February of this year 2018 I decided that I was in fact worth it. I knew I had to do something to change myself to better myself. 5.5 months ago I was 27.5lbs heavier. By eating right and working out and having an amazing personal trainer who also became my friend Zak I changed my life. THANK YOU ZAK for pushing me every week and dealing with my winey ass. Today, I am happy, I am motivated and I am STRONG. This weight isn't my destination but it sure is half way to my goal. With struggle, there is strength. If you want something GO GET IT. This is MY journey and I'm god damn proud of it.
Paul Warren
Former Client
Let me tell you, after my surgeries last year physical therapy was a joke. They passed me along even though I did not have full return to normal. Zak picked up where they left off. In hindsight, I wasted thousands of dollars on therapy. I should have just hired Zak in the first place.
Having worked with over 1,000+ individuals, these 3 categories best summarize the majority of Zak's clientele
Fat Loss & Muscle Gain
Weight loss transformations, leaning out before summer, or even adding 30lbs of muscle
General Health
Maintaining and improving quality of life through structured exercise is crucial to long term health
Return To Exercise
Post Physical Therapy and/or Injury we can help you return to normal activity and exercise you love
This is an hour long consultation and session with Zak Brennan at Self Made Training Facility
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