Redefining Online Coaching
Providing online coaching allows us to have the greatest possible reach and impact on people in gyms across the country. To do so we've created a one of a kind online coaching experience.
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6 Key Elements of Coaching
Everything from exercise video demonstrations to tracking reps, time and more
Metrics like Calories, Macronutrients, Water Intake and more will be assigned and recorded
Have short term and long term goals set and track the individual progress of each goal
Daily messaging capabilities and accountability from your coach to help you along the way
Progress photos, body statistics, workouts, daily nutrition intake, goals, and more
Sync important data from sources like MyFItness Pal, Fitbit and Apple Watch
Casey Tallarico
I began my fitness journey with Zak in 2017! Throughout the past 3 years, Zak has proved himself to be an amazing coach and trainer that exudes professionalism and dedication with every work out. As a dancer, I have multiple injuries from my athletic training. Zak has extensive knowledge on targeting these injuries and providing safe ways that promote healing and develop strength to the weakened areas. He truly cares about his clients and provides them with a personalized fitness experience that definitely yields results. If you are looking for a truly comprehensive fitness experience, I highly recommend Zak's services.
Bianca Carey
Former Client
February of this year 2018 I decided that I was in fact worth it. I knew I had to do something to change myself to better myself. 5.5 months ago I was 27.5lbs heavier. By eating right and working out and having an amazing personal trainer who also became my friend Zak I changed my life. THANK YOU ZAK for pushing me every week and dealing with my winey ass. Today, I am happy, I am motivated and I am STRONG. This weight isn't my destination but it sure is half way to my goal. With struggle, there is strength. If you want something GO GET IT. This is MY journey and I'm god damn proud of it.
Kelly Fairbrother
Online Client
I've worked with a lot of trainers in my life and none of them have created a sustainable system — too expensive, too few sessions included, too different from what I know works for my body, too simplified, etc. Working with Deisy is different. Every single workout tailored to my ever-changing goals and desires and I almost never repeat the exact same workout more than twice. The Perform Now app is exactly what I need and very easy to use. Idk if she's like a witch or something but somehow Deisy perfectly balances her own expertise with the feedback I give her on the workouts she crafts for me. She truly offers the whole package and is the best personal cheerleader in the game. Since working with Deisy, the first thing I do in the morning when I turn on my phone is look to see what my workout will be for the day and, in my book, it doesn't get much better than that.
Richie Millwater
Online Client
I haven't been in the 170's since high school..
Zach Jones
In-Person Client
Zack is extremely professional and well-versed in fitness and with his help and expertise I am definitely going to be able to achieve my goals and surpass my limits.
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If we feel that we'll work well together, we get right to work designing your first week of workouts and nutritional recomemdnartions based on our coaching call
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